Thursday 17 October 2019 / 11:59 AM Crime / Diane Abbott

Diane Abbott responds to ONS crime statistics

Diane Abbott MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, responding ONS crime statistics, said:

“These crime statistics are a shocking indictment of government policy. The Tories have allowed serious and violent crime to surge on their watch. They have also failed in almost every aspect of tackling crime, not just by cutting the police, but also by cutting youth services, the schools’ budget and funding for mental health services, the list goes on.

“The Tory claim that they are tough on crime in no way reflects the impact of ten years of cuts and chaos, which all the current government ministers supported.  Our communities deserve better. Labour will tackle crime with an integrated public health approach which means more police, ending austerity and investing in our public services.”



Notes to Editors

ONS crime statistics published today (Thursday) show:

  • Violence
    • Police recorded violence – 1,694,644 offences (highest on record)
    • Police recorded offences involving a knife or sharp instrument increased by 7% to a record 44,076 offences (excl. GMP).
    • Police recorded offences involving firearms saw a 4% increase (to 6,734 offences)
    • Police recorded robbery offences saw an 11% increase (to 88,177 offences).
  • Fraud and theft
    • The CSEW estimated a 15% increase in fraud offences (to a record 3,863,000 offences), driven mainly by increases in bank and credit account fraud (17%, to 2,666,000 offences).
    • No change in overall theft offences estimated by the CSEW (3,690,000 offences) in the latest year, but an 11% rise compared with the year ending March 2017.
    • Vehicle offences recorded by the police increased by 3% to 469,915. This was mainly the result of increases in “theft or unauthorised taking of a motor vehicle” (7%, to 115,777) and “theft from a vehicle” (2%, to 284,225).
    • No change in overall theft offences recorded by police, but there was a 10% increase in “theft from a person” offences recorded by the police in the last year, to 109,096. Since the year ending March 2015 there has been a 39% rise.


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