Thursday 14 November 2019 / 7:48 PM Health / Inequality / Laura Pidcock / NHS

Dismal day for Tory campaign shows the party has nothing to offer our country

The Conservative campaign was mired in controversy today as Labour warned that the Conservative Party can’t be trusted with the NHS.

In just one day:

  • Government figures showed that hospital performance in England is at its worst level on record, but Matt Hancock claimed that ‘in many ways the NHS is performing better than it ever has’;
  • New data from NHS England showed that one in four patients at major A&Es (25 per cent) waited longer than four hours to be seen or treated in October;
  • Separate research by academics at LSE found that life expectancy predictions have fallen to the lowest levels in 16 years as social inequalities lead to life expectancy stalling or even falling in deprived areas;
  • Nigel Farage claimed today that the PM’s chief strategic advisor, Sir Edward Lister, has been offering Brexit Party candidates jobs in exchange for withdrawing from the election in Tory marginal seats;
  • The Deputy Chairman of the Stourbridge Conservative Association has resigned over Islamophobia within his party. He claims that he witnessed overt Islamophobia and racism during the selection meeting for a councillor candidate;
  • The Home Secretary u-turned on her immigration announcement within hours;
  • After a week of embarrassing encounters with the public, Johnson cancelled an appearance in Glastonbury at the last minute in order to avoid a protest. He later described the protesters as ‘crusties’.

Laura Pidcock, Labour’s Shadow Secretary for Employment rights, said:

“Boris Johnson’s dirty tricks and his alleged attempts to buy off Brexit Party candidates with jobs, shows his desperation in this General Election campaign.

“The Conservatives have nothing to offer our country. After a decade of cuts to our public services, the NHS is on its knees and shockingly, life expectancy has even started to fall in parts of the UK.

“Only Labour is offering the real change that Britain needs, so that no one is held back and no community is left behind.”