Thursday 23 December 2021 / 3:35 PM Ed Miliband / Energy

Ed Miliband comments on warnings of higher energy bills next year

Ed Miliband MPLabour’s Shadow Climate Change and Net Zero Secretary, commenting on fresh warnings from the energy industry that bills will rise sharply next year without Government action, said:

“Families and businesses are facing an energy price crisis because a decade of Conservative failure has left us deeply vulnerable as a country. What’s more they have made the cost of living crisis worse with decisions to raise taxes on families and to cut Universal Credit.

“The Government cannot simply stand by and let families be clobbered by rises in bills of hundreds of pounds.

“Labour has already set out how the Government should remove VAT from energy bills for six months, so that families have some respite during the winter, and make it a national mission over the next decade to insulate homes to reduce energy bills.

“The Government’s failure to act on these measures shows Ministers are simply out of touch with the crisis that so many families are facing.”