Tuesday 26 February 2019 / 12:01 AM Education

Emma Lewell-Buck responds to report on funding for children and young people’s services

Emma Lewell-Buck MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Children and Families, responding to a joint report on funding for children and young people’s services, said:

“Children’s services and social care are a lifeline to many of the most vulnerable children and families in our society, yet their funding has been slashed year after year, with the most disadvantaged areas seeing the steepest cuts.

“This report should be a wakeup call to the government. With cuts set to continue while demand rises, more children will lose out on these vital services, and the devastating impact of austerity will be felt in the most vulnerable communities for years to come.

“The next Labour government will end the Tory cuts and invest in children’s services, including a £500 million ring-fenced grant for Sure Start, as we build a country for the many, not the few.”