Monday 28 October 2019 / 12:08 AM Dawn Butler / Women and Equalities

Gender pay gap widest for people in their 50s – Dawn Butler responds

Dawn Butler MP, Labour’s Shadow Women’s and Equalities Secretary, responding to a study showing gender pay gap is widest for people in their 50s, said:

“This study backs the need for urgent reform. The double discrimination faced by women in the workplace must end.

“A Labour government will not just ask large employers to audit gender pay, we also demand change. Firms will be judged and celebrated based on the actions they take to support and achieve equal pay. There’s simply no place in the modern workplace for any form of discrimination.”



Notes from Editors

  • A study from Rest Less suggests that the gender pay gap gets wider as workers grow older.
  • The mean average salary for a woman in her 50s working full time is just over £32,000, around 28 per cent lower than for a man of the same age, research indicated.
  • Stuart Lewis, founder of Rest Less, said: “Our data shows that for women in their 50s, the chances of them earning an equal salary compared to their male peers is at its slimmest.  Women in their 50s are facing an equality battle on multiple fronts in the workplace, firstly because of their gender and secondly because of their age. With such a tight labour market, and the wealth of talent and skills on offer amongst women in their 50s and 60s, it is surprising not to see more employers actively seeking out and engaging with this audience to help fill a very real skills gap.”