Friday 23 November 2018 / 12:01 AM Energy / Rebecca Long Bailey

Government will not meet its smart meter target – Rebecca Long Bailey

Rebecca Long Bailey MP, Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary, commenting on a report by the National Audit Office (NAO) which reveals that the Government’s ambition of installing smart meters in every home by 2020 will not be met, said:

“While households are braced for sky high heating bills this winter, this is yet another government failure.

“The Government’s botched delivery of the smart meter rollout means that what should have been an uncontroversial technology has been mired in costly delays and self-defeating technical mistakes. Long delays followed by a frantic rush to meet the Government’s deadline has led to accusations of hard selling and falling consumer trust.

“Tackling climate change and energy poverty means there is a huge amount of work needed across the country on home insulation, low carbon heating and small scale renewable generation. What’s needed is proper planning and responsible, coordinated provision to win the trust of households. The smart meter fiasco – an example of blind faith in markets – is an example of how not to do it.”