Monday 25 February 2019 / 9:49 AM Sue Hayman

The government’s post-Brexit chemicals regulations could promote animal testing

Sue Hayman MP, Labour’s Shadow Environment Secretary, speaking ahead of the vote on regulating chemicals post-Brexit, said:

“The legislation that the government has brought forward today is half-baked and confused. In particular, there remain serious questions about how the regulatory framework will be funded. This is shockingly irresponsible: thousands of jobs, as well as the health and safety of everyone in the UK, depend on us getting this right.

“Michael Gove’s tireless PR efforts cannot change his party’s abysmal record on animal welfare – not least because the Tories are today trying to wave through legislation that they know may lead to an increase in animal testing.

“If we want to avoid extra costs for business, to save jobs, to ensure humans are safe and to protect animals and the environment, then the UK must remain a member of REACH and form a new customs union with the EU.”