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Jonathan Ashworth responds to NHS Providers report

Jonathan Ashworth MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, responding to the NHS Providers report, said:

“It’s a damning indictment when NHS leaders running hospitals don’t feel  their trusts are properly resourced with enough staff and investment to meet the huge demand they are facing and provide the safe care patients deserve.

“It’s no surprise, when the Tories have spent nine years running down the NHS, imposing the tightest funding squeeze in history alongside swingeing cuts to public health services and social care slashed by £7 billion since 2010. Even the PMs recent overspun claims of more funding and new hospitals quickly unravelled, showing you can’t trust the Tories with our NHS.

“As Johnson’s own top spin doctor admits, the Tories simply don’t care about our NHS.”


Notes to Editors

  • The NHS Providers report ‘The state of the NHS provider sector’ published today (Tuesday) warns that a failure to present the public with the true scale of the challenges facing the NHS risks putting public faith in the health service ‘on the line’. It follows a survey showing that the overwhelming majority (91 per cent) of trust leaders do not feel there has been enough public debate about the challenges and opportunities facing the NHS and its long term future.
  • The survey which drew responses from leaders at more than half (54%) of trusts and shows:
    • Only 29 per cent are confident that their trust currently has the right numbers, quality and mix of staff in place to deliver high-quality healthcare to patients and service users.
    • 90 per cent of trust leaders are worried about a lack of investment in social care in their local area
    • 77 per cent of trust leaders are worried that is not enough investment in public health and prevention services in their local area
    • 72 per cent are concerned about whether their trust can make the capital investment needed to maintain and modernise the NHS estate and equipment. This is against a backdrop of £6 billion of built-up backlog maintenance across the NHS, including £3 billion that is safety critical.
  • The report calls for:
    • a funded, credible final NHS workforce plan which addresses recruitment, training, culture and inclusion
    • greater clarity on the quality standards the public should expect along with the resources to deliver them
    • a proper, full, multi-year capital settlement and appropriate sustainable funding for social care and public health
    • greater realism about the scale of the challenges facing trusts and the wider health and care sector and the current level of operational instability, which place significant constraints on how quickly the new NHS long term plan can be delivered.