Wednesday 17 February 2021 / 10:42 AM Jim McMahon / Transport

Labour analysis exposes seven years of broken Tory promises to the North

New analysis by Labour shows the Tories have re-announced or re-committed to major rail projects in the North more than 60 times in the last seven years – yet there have been zero spades in the ground.

Dozens of Government press releases have referenced variations of Northern Powerhouse Rail, Crossrail for the North or HS3 since former Chancellor George Osborne proposed a new high speed link between Leeds and Manchester in June 2014.

Ministers are yet to deliver, despite manifesto pledges, published infrastructure plans and the setting up of ‘commissions’ for the purpose – and have now told Transport for the North to hold off on submitting any plans.

Jim McMahon MP, Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary, said: “The Government talks a good game about improving the lives of people in the north, but the reality is yet more empty words and broken promises.

“Instead of delivering on the improvements he pledged, Boris Johnson is raising rail fares and forcing a raise in council tax at a time when family budgets are being squeezed harder than ever before.

“If ministers are serious about helping every part of the country recover from the events of the past year, we need to see action – not their trademark bluster and delaying tactics.”