Wednesday 12 August 2020 / 8:37 AM Andy McDonald / Employment

Labour calls for protection of rights of pregnant women affected by Covid-19

Labour calls on the Government to protect the rights of pregnant women during the coronavirus pandemic to prevent them falling through the cracks of support.

Following the Prime Minister and Chief Medical Officer’s announcement in March that pregnant women are clinically vulnerable, employers that were unable to make necessary adjustments to ensure workplace safety were required to send them home on full pay.

But Andy McDonald, Shadow Secretary of State for Employment Rights and Protections says many pregnant women were unlawfully put on Statutory Sick Pay, affecting their maternity pay and other entitlements.

Labour says the Government should discount Covid-related spells on SSP for the period that their earnings are used to calculate Statutory Maternity Pay, to ensure that pregnant women do not have their maternity pay cut as a result of being put on SSP.


Andy McDonald, Labour’s Shadow Employment Rights Secretary, said: 

“It is wrong that pregnant women have not only lost income as a result of being wrongly sent home on sick pay rather than their full wage, but have had their maternity pay slashed as well.

“Covid-19 related spells on Statutory Sick Pay should not mean women have their maternity pay cut, and the Government needs to act now, end this injustice and protect pregnant women’s rights.”