Tuesday 10 April 2018 / 7:00 PM Crime / Jeremy Corbyn

Labour to develop new policy following roundtable on violent crime

Labour to develop new policy following roundtable on violent crime

Today, Jeremy Corbyn hosted a roundtable with experts and people directly affected by violent crime. The discussions at the roundtable will feed into the development of Labour’s policies and a follow up meeting will be held to review this policy development.

The discussion included the following themes:

• The fact that the most effective initiatives come from the bottom up and the need to empower local communities to address the causes of violent crime, with resources provided and the support of public services. This includes the need to reinvest in youth work, health services and local education services, as well as youth justice.

• The important role of evidence-based police stop and search, undertaken by officers embedded in communities, where they can build close relationships and operate on an intelligence-led basis. Inescapable conclusions were that the cuts to police numbers has meant police do not have capacity to develop these relationships.

• The need to look at how early years, family life, education policies and toxic cultures contribute to young people becoming involved in violent crime. Discussions covered a range of long-term preventative measures, including increased opportunities for young people, to tackle these underlying problems.

Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party, said:

“We are facing a violent crime crisis in our country, ripping away young lives from our communities. Tackling this requires urgent action and fresh thinking. To do this, we must urgently listen to the communities affected and those on the frontline.

“I would like to thank everyone who took part in today’s roundtable discussion and shared their experiences. I look forward to continuing this dialogue with experts and people who have been directly affected by knife and gun violence, as we develop further policy to tackle the curse of violent crime.”