Saturday 26 June 2021 / 10:23 AM Angela Rayner / Marsha de Cordova

Labour launches Equal Recovery Pledge to tackle gender inequalities “supercharged” by Covid pandemic  

Deputy Leader and Shadow Secretary of State for the Future of Work, Angela Rayner, and Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities, Marsha de Cordova will today launch Labour’s Equal Recovery Pledge to protect and promote gender equality at work in the recovery from the pandemic.

The Party’s Women’s Conference will focus on the need for “radical, transformative policies” that “meet the challenges of our time” and ensure that the gender inequality that has been “supercharged” by the Covid pandemic does not become “even deeper and more embedded” during our recovery.

They will call on the government to:

  • Give all workers the right to flexible working and to switch off from work at home, to promote better work-life balance, help parents manage work alongside childcare responsibilities and “end the outdated and sexist assumption about Dad being at work in the office and Mum looking after the kids and doing the housework”.
  • Make it illegal to make a new mother redundant from notification of pregnancy until 6 months after their return to work.
  • Modernise equal pay laws to give women the right to know what their male counterparts earn, immediately reinstate gender pay gap reporting and introduce ethnicity pay gap reporting.
  • Publish the number of jobs created by government schemes including Kickstart, Restart and Jets by sex, ethnicity and disability as part of equality impact assessments to ensure that the Covid recovery schemes are addressing, not embedding, existing inequalities.
  • Review and overhaul the failing shared parental leave system.

Addressing women’s conference on Saturday morning, Labour’s Deputy Leader and Shadow Secretary of State for the Future of Work Angela Rayner will say:

“Strengthened rights at work, more control over our lives and a better work-life balance will not only be good for women workers, but a step forward in the fight for gender equality in the workplace too.

“Flexible working is not just working from home, it’s about work fitting around our lives rather than dictating how we live.

“The right to flexible working and to disconnect at home will stop women losing out at work or even dropping out of the workforce altogether, and help to end the outdated and sexist assumptions about Dad being at work in the office and Mum looking after the kids and doing the housework at home.”

Labour’s Shadow Women and Equalities Secretary Marsha de Cordova will say:

“The inequalities that have been supercharged by Covid cannot be carried through into our post-pandemic world.

“It’s time for transformative action to make Britain the best place to work for everyone, where equality is front and centre.

“Only Labour can deliver this fairer future for women at work, with our long history of pioneering equality legislation which proves that workers’ rights are women’s rights.”