Monday 16 September 2019 / 9:02 AM Trade Union

Labour market abuse widespread – Laura Pidcock responds to the Resolution Foundation’s report

Laura Pidcock MP, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Employment Rights, responding to the Resolution Foundation’s extensive new analysis highlighting the prevalence of labour market abuse, said:


“The Tories are on the side of the few, not the many – and here’s the proof.


“Behind these statistics are many hours of stressful and exhausting work, people’s home lives being made so much harder than they need to be, an unchecked class of bad bosses and legions of workers who feel like they have no choice but to accept illegal poor conditions.


“The government hasn’t just thrown workers to the wolves by forcing the responsibility for holding bosses to account onto individuals. It’s purposefully made it harder for employees to stop managers exploiting them by refusing to give legal aid to workers bringing employment cases.


“The next Labour government will actually implement enforcement powers, creating both a Workers’ Protection Agency that will bring prosecutions and civil proceedings on workers’ behalf, and a Ministry of Employment Rights that will ensure the voice of working people is heard at the cabinet table.


“Time’s up for Boris Johnson’s born-to-rule establishment.”