Tuesday 9 March 2021 / 12:01 AM Lord Falconer

Labour responds to HMCSPI inspection into the performance of CPS during the pandemic

Lord Falconer, Labour’s Shadow Attorney General, responding to the HMCSPI inspection into the performance of the Crown Prosecution Service during the pandemic, said:

“The comments made by the Chief Inspector are damning and highlight how victims are being let down on every front by this government.

“Victims being left in limbo for years awaiting their day in court and a CPS that is functioning due to reliance on goodwill is inexcusable. Not only does this undermine the confidence of victims in the criminal justice system, but it does a disservice to all who work in the criminal justice system and are doing their best to keep it functioning.

“A decade of failed Conservative ideology has wrecked the justice system, leaving it vulnerable even before the pandemic began. We now need to rebuild the justice system so that the UK can become the fairest country in the world.”