Thursday 20 January 2022 / 6:45 PM Louise Haigh / Louise Haigh / Northern Ireland / Transport

Louise Haigh comments on the Government spending almost £1m on Northern Ireland bridge study

Louise Haigh MPLabour’s Shadow Transport Secretary, commenting on the revelation that the Prime Minister spent nearly £1m of public money on a study on building a bridge to Northern Ireland, said:

“There is a cost of living crisis and the Prime Minister blew nearly £1m on an utterly infeasible vanity project. That’s enough to fill 18,000 potholes.
“This just shows the Tories sheer disrespect for public money.
“While the Tories waste public money, Labour will focus on everyday practical priorities and tackling the cost of living crisis facing families. And we will establish an Office for Value for Money to ensure public money is spent wisely.”