Monday 1 October 2018 / 9:02 AM Rebecca Long Bailey / Workers' Rights

May is playing catch up with tips plan

Rebecca Long Bailey MP, Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary, commenting on the Government’s proposal to stop employers making deductions from workers’ tips, said:

“This is now the fourth policy the Tories have copied from us at their conference, as they desperately try to catch up with Labour. It’s beginning to feel like Groundhog Day. 

“It’s a shame that Unite have had to fight so hard to extract this concession from the Tories. And if only this pledge went as far as Labour’s promises to precarious and freelance workers. Under Labour, gig economy workers and the self-employed will get sick pay and parental leave, just like everyone else.

“While May has offered to match one of Labour’s policies, we have set out a plan for the biggest extension of individual and collective rights our country has ever seen”


Notes to editors

Three months ago, on 10 June 2018, Jeremy Corbyn announced that the next Labour government will legislate to ensure workers keep 100% of their tips, putting an end to practices that has seen tips deducted by businesses.


The few other policies that the Tories have announced at conference have also mimicked recent Labour proposals.

·      On Saturday, Theresa May backed a bid for the UK and Ireland to host the World Cup in 2030. Labour’s Deputy Leader Tom Watson MP announced Labour’s support for a bid in July.

·      On Saturday, Greg Clark called for a review of Britain’s auditing industry. Labour’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP commissioned an independent review of the UK’s corporate auditing and accounting regime earlier in the year.

·      On Saturday, Theresa May announced that foreign buyers of properties in the UK will have to pay a new levy on property. Labour’s 2017 manifesto called for an Offshore Company Property Levy.