Monday 17 December 2018 / 4:16 PM Luke Pollard

Minister misses vital EU fisheries meeting – Luke Pollard responds

Luke Pollard MP, Labour’s Shadow Fisheries, Flooding and Water Minister, commenting on George Eustice missing today’s meeting of the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council, said:

“The Government’s own fishing Minister is missing in action from the most important date on the fishing industry’s calendar because he is in Westminster scrambling to make last-minute changes to the Fisheries Bill.

“How can our fishers trust this Government to deliver on their promises when they send in their B-team to negotiate for Britain? This is further evidence of a government in office but not in power, failing industry and the public.

“Labour is fighting for amendments to the fisheries Bill to rebuild coastal communities by landing more fish in our ports and pushing for a fairer allocation of fishing quota that rewards best practice.”