Thursday 20 June 2019 / 10:16 AM Emily Thornberry

Ministers wilfully disregarded evidence Saudi Arabia was violating international humanitarian law – Emily Thornberry

Emily Thornberry MP, Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary, responding to the judgement by the court of appeal that British arms sales to Saudi Arabia are unlawful, said:

“This devastating judgement proves everything Labour has been saying for years: that Ministers have wilfully disregarded the evidence that Saudi Arabia was violating international humanitarian law in Yemen, while nevertheless continuing to supply them with weapons.

“What we now need is a full parliamentary or public inquiry to find out how that was allowed to happen, and which Ministers were responsible for those breaches of the law. This also shows beyond doubt why we need the root-and-branch reform of our arms export rules that Labour has promised, so these decisions are never again made by Ministers in such a careless, reckless and arbitrary way.

“And immediately, the government must suspend all arms sales for use in the conflict in Yemen until there has been a full and independent, UN-led investigation into all breaches of international law.”