Friday 22 June 2018 / 2:37 PM Barry Gardiner / Trade

Nobody wins in a trade war – Barry Gardiner responds to the EU’s countermeasures to Trump’s steel tariffs

Barry Gardiner MP, Labour’s Shadow International Trade Secretary, responding to the EU’s countermeasures coming into force today against Trump’s steel tariffs, said:

“Donald Trump said he would welcome a trade war and could win it but the workers in the motorbike factories in Wisconsin, Missouri and Pennsylvania are the foot soldiers he is prepared to sacrifice. Nobody wins in a trade war and Donald Trump may finally come to realise that his attack on steel workers in Europe was not such a good idea after all, as the European Union is forced to reciprocate with retaliatory tariffs.

“We don’t want to see a trade war and, ultimately, these tariffs need to be removed by both sides as we begin to work together to address the real issue of global overcapacity in steel and unfair market practices. A Labour government would have stood up against these spurious tariffs on our steel and aluminium exports from the outset and only a Labour government will stand up for UK producers against unfair practices from overseas.”