Tuesday 9 October 2018 / 7:44 AM International Development / Kate Osamor

This is an outrageous distortion of the country’s overseas development programme – Osamor

Kate Osamor MP, Labour’s Shadow International Development Secretary, responding to reports that Penny Mordaunt is to announce a drastic reduction of public money from the aid budget, said:

“This is an outrageous distortion of the country’s overseas development programme. Suggesting that global poverty can be turned into an investment opportunity proves the Tories have run out of serious ideas and can no longer be trusted with the aid budget.

“The Tories’ plans to rewrite the international rules on aid and slash billions of pounds of public money will do nothing to end global poverty or reduce inequality. Poverty is not a commodity, and today’s announcement will do nothing but make the rich richer and entrench both poverty and inequality across the world.

“Labour understands that poverty is political. The next Labour government will radically transform the country’s aid programme to tackle the root-causes of both poverty and inequality. We have a bold plan to support the development of public services overseas to make sure people can access health and education services, because we know this is key to ending poverty and inequality.”