Friday 4 May 2018 / 11:15 AM Barbara Keeley / Mental Health

People with Learning Disabilities remain neglected and abused – Barbara Keeley

Barbara Keeley MP, Shadow Cabinet Member for Mental Health, commenting on the report of the Learning Disabilities Mortality Review, said:

“This report shows there is a serious and systematic disrespect of and disregard for the health and care of people with learning disabilities.

“Avoidable deaths of people with Learning Disabilities, like Connor Sparrowhawk, are too often met with indifference, leaving their families to battle to find out what happened and why. It is completely unacceptable that this Tory Government fails to act while people with Learning Disabilities remain neglected and abused.”

“Tory Ministers must act to establish a National Mortality Review Board to investigate the 1,200 premature deaths every year of people with Learning Disabilities.”