Monday 19 July 2021 / 10:30 PM Preet Gill

Preet Kaur Gill sets out Labour’s vision to achieve “a sustainable world, delivered locally”

Preet Kaur Gill sets out Labour’s vision to achieve “a sustainable world, delivered locally”


At an ‘in conversation’ event with the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) today (Tuesday), Preet Kaur Gill’s first major intervention as Shadow International Development Secretary, will set out Labour’s vision for international development under Keir Starmer to achieve a “sustainable world, delivered locally”.


The Shadow Development Secretary will say that Labour’s approach will use the universal Sustainable Development Goals and the central idea of “leaving no one behind” to bring people together and create a development policy Britons can be proud of.


The Shadow Development Secretary will lay out the party’s key development policy priorities to deal with the immediate impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic:


  • Supporting low income countries to increase their financial resources to tackle the continued health and economic crisis,
  • Ramping up vaccination manufacturing,
  • A reversal of the aid cuts from 0.7% to 0.5% of GNI.


Committing to publishing a development green paper, the Shadow International Development Secretary will also set out five longer term priorities on which a Labour government will focus, to tackle the global problems facing us all:


  • Providing humanitarian support in times of crisis and exploring ways to prevent crises rather than only responding to them,
  • Protecting our climate and nature by delivering on the promises for the Paris Agreement and supporting efforts to live in a way which allows us to thrive alongside our planet,
  • Promoting the provision of social protections and public services building on the success the universal provision through NHS and education in the UK,
  • Achieving gender equality by tackling the deep-rooted, structural gender inequalities which pervades societies the world over,
  • Support the creation of jobs and opportunities which are better for the worker and which contribute to a world we want to live in.


Ms Gill will set out the areas of retreat under this Prime Minister and the total hypocrisy from the government. Preet will go on to say that that “over the last month, Gareth Southgate and the England team have shown us what real patriotism is” and our development policy should be built on that solidarity, commonality and shared experience to solve problems we cannot solve alone.


Preet Kaur Gill MP, Labour’s Shadow International Development Secretary, said:


“Even before the pandemic, the challenges facing our world were vast and complex with the climate crisis, environmental destruction, and poverty and inequality, making all of us less safe.


“The Government has had the opportunity of leading the world as hosts of the G7 and COP26 to get the necessary cooperation for a global plan. Instead they shut down a world leading development department, shunting development into the Foreign Office without a plan and have cut the aid budget without any impact assessments or clear objectives.


“The challenges ahead of us require international cooperation. Labour will work with governments and communities in low income and climate vulnerable countries, to tackle the global challenges facing us all, support countries so that all people flourish and thrive in a sustainable way, making the world a safer place.”




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The event can be viewed at 3pm BST on Tuesday 20th July. To register: