Wednesday 12 September 2018 / 12:01 AM Health / Jonathan Ashworth

Pregnant women turned away from maternity units deserve an apology – Ashworth

Jonathan Ashworth MP, Labour’s Shadow Health and Social Care Secretary, responding to the Royal College of Midwives’ State of Maternity Services 2018 report, said:

“Under this Tory Government England’s shortage of midwives continues and this expert report from the RCM shows the dramatic strain on maternity services. The sad reality of the Government’s failure to properly plan the NHS workforce is that women now face understaffed services just at the very point when they need them most.

“Earlier this year Labour’s research revealed a growing number of hospitals are having to close maternity wards, often because of capacity and staffing pressures. Every pregnant women turned away from a maternity unit due to staff shortages and shortages of beds and cots deserves an apology from Government ministers.

“Ahead of the 10 year plan for the NHS, ministers must step in to ensure that maternity units are safely staffed for women and their newborn babies. Labour is committed to making child health an absolute priority with our ambition of the healthiest children in the world. That means giving every child the best start in life including proper investment in maternity services.”