Monday 1 March 2021 / 2:42 PM Rachel Reeves

Rachel Reeves reacts to news that a PR firm linked to the Conservatives won a Test and Trace ‘reputation management’ contract without tender

Rachel Reeves MP, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, reacting to the news that a PR firm closely linked to the Conservative Party won a contract to provide “reputation management” for Test and Trace without tender, said:

“While our overstretched local councils were still stepping up to fill the gaping holes in the Serco-led, failing national contact tracing system, the government was handing out contracts to close connections of the Conservative party to polish its own failings and Serco’s reputation.

“The epic amounts of taxpayer money wasted on a national contact tracing system that at points only had a ‘marginal impact’ was already deeply concerning – but revelations around this contract should urge government to ramp up transparency, so taxpayers know their money is going to best person for the job, not the best friend for the job.

“Above all they should learn lessons from their Serco-led contact tracing fiasco, and given how critical this system is when we start to unlock the country, urgently hand control of contact tracing to our local councils.”