Tuesday 30 April 2019 / 9:21 AM Andy McDonald / Transport

Rail franchising is collapsing and disintegrating – Andy McDonald

Andy McDonald MP, Shadow Transport Secretary, commenting on the Rail Delivery Group’s proposals for the rail industry, said:

“I’m astonished by the Rail Delivery Group’s proposals. Rail franchising is collapsing and disintegrating yet the group thinks a more complex and aggressive system is the right solution. This shows how out of touch the so-called rail industry representative body is with the country and the travelling public.

“The RDG’s suggestion would be laughable but for the misery, the broken rail franchising model has inflicted upon millions of rail passengers for so many years.

“The ongoing debacle over the East Midlands Trains franchise tells us that franchising is broken beyond repair. Only Labour will bring track and trains together in one publicly owned company that delivers for people and the country.”