Wednesday 30 May 2018 / 1:43 PM Rachael Maskell / Rail

Rail services across the country are in meltdown – Rachael Maskell

Rachael Maskell MP, Labour’s Shadow Rail Minister, responding to Chris Grayling’s comments that the “rail industry has collectively failed”, said:

“Rail services across the country are in meltdown as a result of Chris Grayling’s complete failure to prepare for the transition to a new national railway timetable.

“Chris Grayling can’t wash his hands of this chaos by blaming the “rail industry”. The buck stops with him. It was him who awarded contracts to incompetent train companies and it was him who propped up a failed and unpopular system of rail privatisation.

“The whole fragmented rail system is completely failing passengers, because it’s they who have been left stranded at stations up and down the country.

“The next Labour government will put in place a new rail service, publically owned and therefore better integrated, so that rail is run in the interests of the public.”