Thursday 7 February 2019 / 1:50 PM Richard Burgon

Richard Burgon responds to Government’s Legal Aid review

Richard Burgon MP, Labour’s Shadow Justice Secretary, responding to publication of the Government’s Legal Aid review announced today, said:

“This is too little, too late. The Government has wasted two years investigating the impact of its own legal aid cuts only to respond with no credible plan to end the suffering they have caused.

“This review is a missed opportunity to restore the early legal support people desperately need when faced with a rogue landlord, a difficult family breakup, or the government’s ‘hostile environment’ on benefits or migration.

“The Tories have slashed legal aid budgets by hundreds of millions of pounds and the new measures outlined today are just more tinkering at the edges. It is clear that only a Labour government will undo the deep damage Tory cuts have caused to legal aid.”