Monday 11 November 2019 / 6:17 PM John McDonnell

Sajid Javid refuses to debate John McDonnell

John McDonnell formally agreed 10 days ago to go up against Sajid Javid in a proposed 90 minute set piece on Sunday 17 November.

However, after nearly a fortnight of Tory dithering, it has been reported that Javid is set to refuse to take part.

Labour has also been informed by the debate organisers that Javid had failed to sign up to the debate.


John McDonnell, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, commenting on Javid’s refusal to agree a debate, said:

“I immediately proposed a TV debate with Sajid Javid as part of the election process.

“However, it now appears that for all his bluster and bravado he’s doing all he possibly can to wriggle out of any debate.

“If he doesn’t sign up, I suggest that the broadcasters empty chair him.”



Notes to editors

  • The debate was due to have an on air time of 7pm on Sunday 17 November 2019 for the Channel 4 Chancellors debate and be 90 minutes long.
  • Those originally invited were the Chancellor Sajid Javid, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, Liberal Democrat Treasury Spokesperson Ed Davey and Shadow SNP Spokesperson (Economy) Kirsty Blackman.