Thursday 25 January 2018 / 10:06 AM Housing / John Healey

Shameful homelessness figures are a direct result of decisions made by Conservative Ministers – John Healey

John Healey MP, Labour’s Shadow Housing Secretary, commenting on new rough sleeping statistics released today which have shown that rough sleeping has reached its highest level this decade, said:

“These shameful figures are a terrible reminder of the consequences of a Conservative Government.

“The number of people sleeping rough fell under Labour but has more than doubled since 2010, and is up for the eighth year in a row under the Tories.

“This is a direct result of decisions made by Conservative Ministers: a steep drop in investment for affordable homes, crude cuts to housing benefit, reduced funding for homelessness services, and a refusal to help private renters.

“A Labour government will end rough sleeping within its first term in office, and tackle the root causes of rising homelessness.”