Monday 18 February 2019 / 9:54 AM Environment / Sue Hayman

Sue Hayman response to Michael Gove’s consultation on weekly food waste collections

Sue Hayman MP, Labour’s Shadow Defra Secretary, responding to Michael Gove’s new consultation on weekly food waste collections, said:

“Once again we see Michael Gove living up to his reputation as the Secretary of State for consultations as yet another set of hypothetical options are proposed but no concrete action is taken. This comes after the food and farming industries pleaded with the Environment Secretary to ease off the insescent consultations and to focus on Brexit.

“Cash-strapped Labour councils have bid for the investment needed to start weekly food waste collections before, only to have been turned down by the Government.

“A target of introducing a plastic tax in 2022 means that money will not become available for the schemes proposed today for a number of years. The plastic pollution crisis cannot wait.

“In contrast, the Labour administration in Wales has got on with the job and is already collecting food waste from all households. Labour is calling for a comprehensive overhaul of our waste and recycling system, an end to the cripppling austerity imposed on local councils and meaningful investment in reuse and recycling infrastructure to tackle the plastic pollution crisis and food waste.”