Tuesday 28 January 2020 / 1:51 PM Uncategorised

The government’s Huawei announcement – Tracy Brabin responds

Tracy Brabin MP, Labour’s Shadow Digital, Culture and Media Secretary, responding to the Huawei announcement, said:

“The Tories refused to take our technological sovereignty seriously and failed to invest in home-grown alternatives to Huawei. As a result they’re in the ludicrous position of having to choose between the UK’s security concerns and our infrastructure needs.

“Despite years of dithering, the government still can’t tell us how it will restrict Huawei’s access to sensitive parts of the network. It must now give specific reassurances to workers and businesses that a 35 per cent market cap will not stop 5G becoming widely available by 2027, as planned – and that it will support communities whose access to 5G will be delayed by this decision.”