Monday 1 October 2018 / 6:18 PM Brexit / Jenny Chapman

Theresa May must accept need for a customs union – Jenny Chapman

Jenny Chapman, Labour’s Shadow Brexit Minister, responding to reports Theresa May is preparing to compromise on the Irish border, said:

“We are less than six months out from Britain leaving the European Union and the Government still has no credible plan for the backstop or preventing a hard border in Northern Ireland.

“Labour has long argued that a customs union, with a strong single market relationship, is essential to avoid the return of a hard border in Northern Ireland. That is why it is disappointing the Tories have repeatedly blocked a customs union.

“If Theresa May is to have any chance of getting a Brexit deal through Parliament she needs to accept the need for a customs union after Brexit – and fast. However, Dominic Raab has appeared to rule that out so, like everything with this Government, we will have to wait to see the details of any proposal and how it lands with Tory MPs.”