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This belated attempt to develop a proper industrial strategy looks like too little too late – Clive Lewis

Clive Lewis
MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy,
in advance of the publication of
the government’s industrial strategy, said:

“This belated attempt to
develop a proper industrial strategy is a step in the right direction, but once
again what the Tories are offering looks like too little too late.

“We await further detail, but
what’s been announced so far will fall far short of getting us back to where we
were in 2010, let alone equip our economy for the challenges of the 21st
Century. The £170m announced for vocational education, for example, will do
little to plug the £1.15bn hole in the Adult Skills Budget created by Tory cuts
since 2010. 

“It will be a great shame if the Government
wastes this opportunity to put our economy on a new path. But they have already
watered down a series of flagship commitments, from putting workers on boards
to tackling executive pay, and there are too many people on the Tory benches
who think that the only role of Government is to deregulate markets. The
reality is that a Prime Minister who wants to turn us into a tax haven cannot
be trusted to deliver an industrial strategy.”