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Today’s figures reveal intense pressure & strain on A&E – Jonathan Ashworth

Ashworth MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, 
to the latest Winter Situation
Report Data, said:

figures reveal that the intense pressure and strain on A&E departments
is increasing week on week. This crisis is only getting worse and with the cold
weather due to set in, there will be deep concerns over the next days and

week alone, there were 39 incidents across England where A&E departments
had to close their doors to ambulances and direct to another hospital as they
could not guarantee patients would get the level of care they needed.

response of Theresa May to this NHS crisis has been one of incompetence and
denial. Astonishingly she told the Commons this week there were only a ‘small
number of incidents in which unacceptable practise have taken place.’

Prime Minister needs to explain if she considers today’s figures as ‘small’ or
whether she considers the numbers of ambulances being diverted from A&E as

sad truth is ministers have refused a package of urgent support for social
care, have sought to downgrade targets, blame the public for seeking medical
attention and dismiss leading health experts and physicians for warning of the
dangers to public health.

is becoming increasingly clear that Theresa May does not have a plan to ensure
the public get the healthcare they deserve and pay their taxes for. The PM
needs to get a grip of the situation urgently and put the NHS on a sustainable
financial footing.”