Friday 13 July 2018 / 3:25 PM Northern Ireland / Tony Lloyd

Tony Lloyd comments on continuing violence in Derry/Londonderry

Tony Lloyd MP, Labour’s Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary, commenting on the continuing violence in Derry/Londonderry over recent days, said:

“Derry / Londonderry has changed fundamentally in recent years, a change that shows how all communities in Northern Ireland can work together to build a better society. The violence over recent days disgusts me as much as it does those of the city and I condemn it outright and those who are orchestrating it.

“This small minority of people who want to drag us all back do not represent the people of the city and the residents of the Fountain and the Bogside want to see normality return and to feel safe in their streets.

“I am joining calls for calm tonight and echo the statements from political and community leaders from all sections of society. Political vacuums in Northern Ireland are dangerous as those who want to drag us back will use them to their advantage. We all must come together to ensure this does not happen.”