Endorsers privacy notice

What personal data do we collect?

We shall be collecting and using the following personal data although, unless integral to your endorsement and agreed by you, your personal data will never be shared publicly. We do not sell personal data under any circumstances.

  • First name, last name, preferred name, email address, post code, telephone number(s), job title, employer, gender, ethnicity, date of birth, and home address;
  • Photographs and videos including images and voice recordings that you have agreed to allow us to collect and use;
  • Topics of interest to you which may be a campaign or charity you are involved with, or an area of concern and/or any specific anecdotes, quotations, testimonials, stories of your personal background or a current circumstance and/or opinion which may or may not already be in the public domain;
  • Information about your voting record in public elections, and/or future voting intention in public elections; 

We may also collect, store and use the “special categories” of more sensitive personal information including:

  • Information about your health and medical conditions for health and safety reporting purposes;
  • Information about your physical or mental health and any medical or health conditions, including whether or not you have a disability for which the organisation needs to make reasonable adjustments , or where that information is integral to your endorsement; and
  • Information about your political opinions or trade union membership.

Where do we get your personal data?

We may collect personal data in a variety of ways and at a variety of times throughout our interactions with you. We refer to “direct data collection” when data is collected directly from you and we refer to “indirect data collection” when the data is not collected directly from you. Here is the list of ways we will collect your personal data from you:

What do we use your personal data for and what is our lawful basis for using it?

We may use your personal data for the following purposes and on the following lawful bases where the circumstances require us to do so.

Purpose for using personal dataLawful basis for using
To create digital and/or physical content for publication for broadcast or distribution as part of our ‘democratic engagement’ activities, for the improvement to society.The lawful basis we shall be relying on is the legitimate interest of the Data Controller in accordance with UK GDPR Article 6.1(f). And; When relevant the consent you have provided us for this use of your personal data in accordance with UK GDPR Article 6.1(a) and also in alignment with UK GDPR Article 9.2(a). And, Special categories of personal data used for the purpose of Substantial Public Interest under UK GDPR Article 9.2(g) in line with Schedule 1, Part 2, Paragraph 22 Political Parties of the Data Protection Act 2018.
To show your published and/or recorded endorsement at Labour events, on digital adverts (on social media and other broadcast media), within press releases, at Labour Conference, within case studies we create, at Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs), and on any Labour managed websites including Labour’s main website and Labour MPs, Constituency Labour Party, Labour Groups and Labour Candidate’s websites.
To communicate with you and personalise our communications with you.The lawful basis we shall be relying on is the legitimate interest of the Data Controller in accordance with UK GDPR Article 6.1(f).
To review the suitability and viability for our endorsers programme.  
To make further contact with you by email or phone etc. to ask if you would like to have more involvement with us.
To identify personal data and take relevant action upon submission of a data subject rights request. Compliance with a legal obligation under UK GDPR Article 6.1(c). The legal obligation is the UK General Data Protection Regulation to uphold your data protection rights. Special categories of personal data used for the purpose of Substantial Public Interest (preventing or detecting unlawful acts; protecting the public; regulatory requirements) under UK GDPR Article 9.2(g) and the Data Protection Act of 2018.
To be able to assess any impact on individuals of a data breach involving personal data held on Labour Party systems or on third party systems.
To help protect an individual from neglect or physical, mental or emotional harm, or protect the physical, mental or emotional well-being of an individual.Use of the personal data is necessary to protect the vital interests of an individual or individuals in accordance with UK GDPR Article 6.1(d). Special categories of personal data used for the purpose of Substantial Public Interest (Preventing or detecting unlawful acts; Protecting the public; Regulatory requirements) under UK GDPR Article 9.2(g).
To deal with legal claims and ongoing litigation cases.Compliance with a legal obligation under UK GDPR Article 6.1(c). The legal obligation is the UK General Data Protection Regulation to uphold your data protection rights. Special categories of personal data used for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims or whenever courts are acting in their judicial capacity under UK GDPR Article 9.2(f).

If you have interacted with Labour in a different way and if you expected to see something different to the list above, you can access all of our privacy notices by clicking here. If it is still not there, feel free to get in touch as mentioned below.

Who do we share your personal data with?

Any data shared with the below categories of recipients is the minimum necessary for the task they have been instructed to carry out on our behalf or in conjunction with us. Each category of recipient is subject to review by the Data Protection Team to make sure they have the right methods in place for keeping your personal data secure.

Where the sharing of personal data is within the context of a product or service being supplied under contract to Labour, a Data Processing Agreement, in accordance with GDPR Article 28 is put in place. This makes sure the supplier cannot use your personal data outside of the list of uses above.

Within the purposes of using your personal data, as listed above, we will share your personal data with the following:

  1. Pre-approved digital communications and storage providers;
  2. Pre-approved online survey platform providers;
  3. Where applicable, freelance staff who may be photographers, videographers or administrators of our Endorser work who have contractual and confidentiality agreements with the Labour Party;
  4. Where applicable, location, travel, security and/or events service providers;
  5. If relevant and agreed by you or your representative, Labour Candidate(s) or MPs or their office staff (both of which are separate data controllers although this Privacy Notice will be relevant for any work you do with them in respect of your endorsement or future endorsements); and
  6. If applicable, and you have agreed, relevant external stakeholders to the Labour Party where this is of clear benefit to society, and/or your individual endorsement. Any sharing of data in respect of this clause will only be done with your agreement. The Labour Party does not accept liability for any further use of your personal data that may be shared in respect of this clause by external organisations. Any such processing shall be governed by the data protection and privacy policies of the recipient organisation.

There may be scenarios where we are subject to a legal obligation to disclose or share your personal data, such as with law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies or public authorities in order to prevent or detect crime, or prove we have adhered to their request. We will only ever disclose your personal data to these third parties to the extent we are required to do so by law.

Data sharing with a third-party organisation that is not a supplier of a product or service to Labour does not occur unless there is a legal obligation or sound lawful purpose for such sharing.  For any such sharing we put a Data Sharing Agreement in place between Labour and the third-party containing specific information in accordance with the Information Commissioner’s Office ‘Data sharing code of practice’.

In all circumstances, the unlawful and unauthorised sharing of copies of personal data in which the Labour Party is the data controller is expressly prohibited. Any unauthorised sharing of Labour Party data may be classified as a data breach which we will record and report to the ICO as required.

How long will we keep your personal data?

We only retain your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes we collected it for. In some circumstances we may anonymise your personal data so that it can no longer be associated with you, in which case we may use such information without further notice to you.

Once you indicate to us that you no longer wish for us to hold any personal data of you that is not in the public domain we shall delete this information within one month. Where images and videos have been published by us are in the public domain, we may not be able to remove or delete your personal data although may be able to indicate within our systems that Labour is not to re-use your personal data in any future publications or broadcasts.

Where your personal data has not been used in an endorsement and you are no longer interacting with us after a previous engagement or communications with us, we will delete and securely destroy your personal information within 7 years.

What are your rights and how can you express them?

To understand your data privacy rights and to submit a rights request, the best way to do so is by visiting the ‘YOUR RIGHTS’ page on our website which you can get to by clicking here.

How can you complain about our use your personal data?

The best way to make a complaint is by visiting our page on ‘HOW TO MAKE A DATA PROTECTION COMPLAINT’ which you can access by clicking here.

How can you contact us about this privacy notice?

If you have any questions about the information in this privacy notice, then you can contact the Data Protection Team via email using [email protected] or by post to:

Labour Statutory Data Protection Officer

The Labour Party, Southworks, 20 Rushworth Street, United Kingdom, SE1 0SS

When was this privacy notice last updated?

We may update this notice (and any supplemental privacy notice), from time to time as shown below. We will notify you of the changes where required by applicable law to do so.

Last modified: 20 March 2024.