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Want change? It’s easier than you think.

Register to vote

The best way you can create change in our country is by registering to vote. And it only takes two minutes.

Last year, 250,000 18-25 year-olds registered to vote – that’s enough people to change the outcome of a General Election.

The next General Election could be around the corner. Make sure you’re ready to have your say.

All you need is your address and your National Insurance number.

Recently moved house?

You’ll need to re-register to vote. Luckily, it’s just as simple.

Splitting your time between uni and home?

You can register at both addresses. You can vote at both addresses in local elections, but only once in the General Election.

Want to start making a difference at your university?

Be part of Labour Students on campus.

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Thousands of Labour supporters up and down the country took the plunge and campaigned with us for the first time recently—will you join them?

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