Digital Resources

Over 80% of the electorate are active social media users. That’s why digital advertising – where we pay to ensure content appears in an audience’s social media feed – has become an essential tool for reaching voters with key and relevant messages. Reach acts as a go-between for Contact Creator and Facebook by allowing you run reports in Contact Creator to create audiences in Facebook, so that they can be used in advertising campaigns. This means you can use the wealth of data in Contact Creator to help you target your Facebook ads. The actual ads themselves are placed within Facebook using Ads Manager.

You can use Labour Connects to create localised infographics about your campaign, all sized to appear properly on Facebook and Twitter. Just customise the template as normal, order it, and you will get a JPEG file you can then upload and share on social media. You can also localise versions of national graphics for social media at

Find guides and resources for Reach, and links to useful resources for your digital campaigning and social media.