How to be selected as a Parliamentary Candidate

Getting selected as a Parliamentary Candidate

With Westminster Parliamentary selections taking place, we have hosted three webinars open to all members, that are designed to inform and encourage any member who is considering putting themselves forward to be selected.

You can watch a recording of them by clicking on the section below headed webinar recordings.
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The Bursary scheme

The Labour Party Bursary scheme is intended to help members with the additional costs associated with standing as a parliamentary candidate. For example: technology (phone, laptop etc.); travel costs; accommodation; clothing (suits etc.); phone calls; costs of childcare or other caring responsibilities; costs related to disability.

The bursary fund has two categories; working class or low income background and disability support. The maximum bursary that will be awarded for a candidate applying under the working class or low income background scheme is £5,000. Candidates can apply for bursary support for a period of up to one year and on an annual basis.