National Constitutional Committee Candidate Statements

National Constitutional Committee Candidate Statements 2023

Jabran Hussain

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I joined the Labour party as a working-class kid from the North at the age of 17. Since then, I have held numerous roles including, CLP Secretary, Regional Board Member and currently Chair LGC.

When I was first elected to the NCC three years ago, I pledged that I would strive to ensure that within the Labour Party, there is no tolerance of racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia or otherwise racist language, sentiments, stereotypes or actions, sexual harassment, bullying or any form of intimidation.

Therefore, I am pleased that the EHCR has recently taken the Labour party out of special measures.

It shows that we have made progress, however, our work is not done. We must take all forms of discrimination seriously ensuring that incidents of hostility or prejudice are not tolerated.

I am a qualified solicitor-advocate and Managing Director of a law firm where I deal with serious, high profile and complex cases. Due to my experience, I have sat on some of the most serious and complex disciplinary hearings on the NCC.

I hope that I can count on your support to continue to serve our party on the NCC.

Please also nominate Dave Levy, Marion Roberts and Harry Stratton

Dave Levy

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I am seeking your support to sit on our Party’s NCC.

I promise that I will act with fairness and consider the evidence on any cases on which I sit.

I believe that our rules should be interpreted in the context of UK law and human rights law and that the principles of natural justice must be maintained and offered to all members.

I joined the party in 1974 and have been in membership since then. Since returning to London and moving to Lewisham Deptford, I have held a number of positions in my CLP and branch, having been Secretary of the CLP for the last two years having also served as such in 2015.

I am a member of CLPD and have authored and campaigned for many rule changes to make the party more accountable to its members.

I am supported by the CLGA and would ask you to vote for me, and my running mates, Jabran Hussain, Marion Roberts and Harry Stratton.

Dave Levy – Lewisham Deptford – A006829

Sem Moema

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The role of the NCC in running a fair, speedy and transparent disciplinary process is really important to the function and future of our party. I’m proud to represent a diverse constituency at the London Assembly (Hackney, Islington and Waltham Forest). As an Assembly Member, I work hard to amplify the voices of those we often don’t hear. Up and down the country, communities like mine are bearing the brunt of Tory austerity. Whether it’s schools, public transport, housing, air quality or cost of living, it’s clear we need Labour in power.

I’m standing because I want to see that change at a national level, with Keir Starmer as Prime Minister. If we’re to get into power, and implement the social and economic policies of a Labour Government, we need a disciplined, united and focused membership and activist base.

• 2021 – date – London Assembly Member; Assembly Labour Group Chair
• 2016 – date – Councillor, Hackney Downs
• 2015 -date – Member of Africans for Labour; Fabian Women’s Network
• 2015 – 2017 Chair, Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP
• 2014 – 2015 Vice Chair (Campaigns), Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP
• 2006 – 2008 Assistant Whip, Hackney Labour Group

Please also nominate Goulborne, Pugh and Richards.

Sue Pugh

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Sue Pugh
Ellesmere Port & Neston CLP
I joined the Labour Party in the late 1980’s because I believed that only Labour represented my views and after so many years of Conservative rule, I wanted to see a government who believed in fairness, honesty and hope for the future. This is still true today.
I have worked for many years to support Labour and Labour values, whether it was as an activist, a Councillor, a Regional Organiser or when I chaired the Labour North West Regional Board.
Now, as we prepare to become the Party in power, we must show that we are a united, honest and fair party, with plans and policies to reverse the damage the Tories have inflicted over the past 13 years – to bring children and families out of poverty, save our NHS, care for our elderly and ensure rights for workers. We can do it and we MUST do it.
I am a proud member of the GMB trade union and a member of the Co-operative Party.
Please vote for me in the CLP section of the NCC and also vote for Sem Moema, Hugh Goulbourne, and Sioned Mair-Richards.

Muhammad Rahman

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I am a political and community activist and working for the Labour Party since 2015,I am always hard working for my party local and national elections door knocking campaign,leafleting etc.I am always obey my party rules and regulations and following my CLP campaign coordinator instructions as well.I am working with NHS trust foundation as a council of governor and working with local charity organisation as assistant secretary.
I need your support give me more motivation work with my colleagues and my beloved party.
Thank you all.

Sioned-Mair Richards

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Like everyone I joined the Labour Party (in the early 90s) as I wanted to see a fairer Britain and I knew only Labour had the values to push this through. There was Tory sleaze at the time, there is Tory sleaze now. And it has got worse. The Tories want to promote “Oh they’re all the same”. We need to show why we’re not; that integrity and transparency are our watch word.

As a Sheffield City Councillor, I chaired the Audit & Standards Committee for three years and also that of the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority. In these roles I have led complex enquiries into complaints made about both councillors and officers & sorted them out.

Discipline in the Party has to be fair and seen to be fair. It also needs to be undertaken in a timely manner. We cannot have people hanging around waiting for their case to be dealt with. I want to bring my experience and commitment to push to make this happen.

Please vote for me in the CLP section of the NCC and also nominate and vote for Hugh Goulbourne, Sem Moema and Sue Pugh.

Marion Roberts

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Marion Roberts Statement
I have been a Labour Party member for over thirty years and held posts in three different CLPs, including CLP Chair and Vice-Chair. Currently I am Labour Party Liaison Officer for Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL). I believe that the Labour Party should be working for a more democratic and equal society, so our internal governance arrangements should reflect these same objectives. Disciplinary matters need to be conducted on the basis of transparency, equality and fairness. The NCC is vital to protecting members’ rights while applying justice fairly. Disciplinary action should only be pursued for clear breaches of Party rules, as agreed by Conference. Our rules must be applied in a fair and equitable manner, with the principles of natural justice guiding the NCC in all its deliberations. As a member of JVL’s EC, I believe I can make a unique contribution to the work of the NCC by adding to the diversity of Jewish opinion. The fight against racism needs to distinguish between criticisms of Israel’s actions and actual antisemitism. The Labour Party has, until now, accommodated a broad spectrum of views and this should continue. Please also support Jabran Hussain, Dave Levy and Harry Stratton.

Harry Stratton

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My name’s Harry Stratton, and I’m running for NCC because I believe in a fair and transparent process that treats members with dignity and respect.

As a barrister, I’ve worked pro bono representing some of Britain’s most precarious workers in demanding fair treatment from employers and the state. In my role as Secretary of Unite’s Legal Workers Branch, I am an experienced campaigner for a fairer justice system and members’ rights at work. I am also co-author of the leading textbook on access to justice, Zuckerman’s Civil Procedure (4th ed), and author of the leading paper on procedural fairness in political parties.

What this CV doesn’t capture is that I’m a warm and gentle person, who believes that every person has a right to be heard and to be treated with dignity and respect. If elected, I promise to publish regular Ann Black-style reports on NCC decision-making to the fullest extent within the rules, so that all members can know how the NCC interprets the rules and what is being done in their name.

I am standing with the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance. Please also support Jabran Hussain, Dave Levy and Marion Roberts.

Ikra Yasin

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I am a daughter born to immigrant parents and began campaigning to return Labour to power since the tender age of 15. I have served as a councilor, Chair of the Labour Group, Chair of scrutiny committee, Vice Chair of Peterborough CLP and I am currently the Chair of Peterborough CLP.

Promoting equality and diversity is paramount for me. I was elected at the age of 22 and all odds were against me. A 5 week campaign proved to be victorious based on pure passion and resilience and the desire to want to make an impact no matter how big or small. I become the youngest BAME female councilor in Peterborough.

Every executive position I have held, I have fulfilled to the best of my ability whilst promoting the values of the Labour Party. Whilst we prepare ourselves to take control of councils and Government, we must be robust in our operations, more close knit than ever and have a zero tolerance attitude. I bring with me a legal background, strong communication skills, experience of case work involving fact finding and a fresh pair of eyes.

I am a proud Trade Unionist and believe in fairness and promoting human rights. I hope I can count on your support as I am a breathe of fresh air and will prove to be an asset.