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Three steps to a better, more secure future.

The Government’s failure to get a grip on the health crisis means we have been plunged deeper into an economic crisis.

The Chancellor could have acted to protect jobs, with a short-time working scheme that encouraged employers to keep more workers on. Instead, our country looks headed for 1980s levels of unemployment.

There are big questions to be asked over whether the Chancellor’s new Job Support Scheme will sufficiently support jobs.

And there was nothing for the hundreds of thousands of people who have already sadly lost their jobs.

People need security and opportunity, but the government has no plan to give them it.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Labour has set out three steps to a better, more secure future for Britain.

Labour’s three steps to a better, more secure future: recover, retrain, rebuild.


  • Labour is calling for a Job Recovery Scheme to give businesses and workers much-needed certainty
  • It would enable businesses in key sectors to bring back more staff on reduced hours, with government subsidising a proportion of wages for the rest of the working week
  • Employers would be incentivised to offer their staff high-quality training
  • Unlike the Tories’ scheme, it wouldn’t just be a blank cheque – support would go to decent businesses that treat their workers well


  • We are calling for a National Retraining Strategy for the unemployed and those facing unemployment
  • The strategy should help those whose hours have been cut to increase their skills or to retrain in a new field
  • It should enable people who have lost their jobs to transition into new work
  • It must also build up capacity in adult education and the JobCentre Plus network, after years of neglect. Otherwise, those people who want to retrain won’t be able to access the opportunities they desperately need
  • To achieve this, the government must bring forward the £3 billion which the Chancellor has earmarked for a National Skills Fund, so that money can be put to use right now, when it is most needed


  • The government must introduce a Business Rebuilding Programme without delay
  • The programme would do for businesses with debt what we’ve repeatedly asked the Chancellor to do for workers whose jobs are at risk
  • The programme needs to be set in train now to give businesses the certainty they crave and so we don’t end up once again with last-minute panicked schemes that waste public money
  • Any programme must be targeted, so that support goes to responsible businesses that are going to invest for the future – including meeting our net-zero target

Recover jobs, retrain workers and rebuild business. Government working hand in hand with business and trade unions, in the best interests of our country. This is an ambitious Labour vision – where security and fairness aren’t just aspirations, but where they are a reality for families and communities across our country.

Anneliese Dodds, Shadow Chancellor

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