Watch: What it takes to run a successful economy

Keir Starmer and Rachel Reeves sat at a table, looking at each other in front of a Union flag

Labour will put economic security first and deliver “change built on the rock of fiscal responsibility and iron discipline”, Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves has pledged.

In Labour’s latest party political broadcast, Reeves says that Britain’s economic potential is being “held back by the chaos and the division of the Conservatives” – highlighting the cost of living crisis worsened by their handling of Britain’s finances. “We have had 25 Tory tax rises since the election, and the average family will be £1,200 worse off under the Conservatives tax plan.”

Speaking outside the Bank of England, she says: “I spent a career working at the Bank of England and in business before entering politics. I know what it takes to run a successful economy. Because we can only rebuild as a nation by building a stronger economy.”

The film also includes endorsements – including from Richard Walker, Executive Chairman at Iceland Foods, who praises the plan to get Britain building again, and says that a future Labour government will “deliver it in a way that both the country and business can afford.”

Reeves also reiterates the journey the Labour Party has been on under Keir Starmer’s leadership: “Keir has changed the Labour Party so together we can change our country. I have never been more ambitious for the future.

“I want to match the ambition and determination of the British people. I know that change will take hard work and difficult decisions. 

“But the Labour Party is ready for the chance to serve… and ready to get Britain’s future back.”