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About Your Membership

Information about membership

Got a question about your membership? Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions.

I’m a new member – what’s next?


Welcome to the Party! Watch our new member video to find out what happens next. You can also sign up to MyLabour and sign up to hear more about training opportunities.

How can I find out my membership number?

Your membership number is on the front of your membership card, your digital membership card and on any membership-related correspondence you get in the post. If you don’t have these to hand, get in touch with the folks at Labour HQ using the information at the bottom of this page and they’ll be able to tell you what your membership number is.

How do I change my details?

Most of your personal information updates can be done using your My Labour account. If you don’t have one or would prefer to update your details in another way, you can email your new details along with your membership number to or call us on 0345 092 2299.

How can I contact an MP?

Our Labour MPs would be happy to hear from you! You can get in touch with any of them by looking them up on the Parliament website.

How do I get in touch with my local or regional party?

The best person to get in touch with in your local party is your local contact – their details are on your membership card and digital membership card. Take a look at our contact page for information on your regional party.

I’d like to be a Labour councillor or an MP – how do I do that?

It’s great that you are interested in standing as a Labour representative! To start, you need to be a member of the party for at least one year in order to become a candidate. If you haven’t already, join the party today. Then, take a look at our guide on how to become a Labour candidate.

How do I get a new membership card?

If you’ve lost your membership card, we can arrange for a new one to be sent to you. Just contact us with your membership number or your postcode at or call us on 0345 092 2299.

My membership is ‘in arrears’ – what does that mean?

This means that you have missed a membership payment – perhaps because of a cancelled Direct Debit or, if you pay annually by card, because you didn’t make your last payment. If you don’t pay the difference, your membership will close. But don’t worry – it’s quick to rectify and you can get your payment up to date by calling our Membership Team who’ll explain exactly what the issue is, or renew your membership online.

I’ve heard ‘Labour Login’ a lot – what does it mean?

Your Labour Login is your way of reaching  Labour’s member only area, with a variety of  tools and resources depending on your involvement. To get yours, go to and click the ‘Activate my account’ button. An invitation will be sent to your email address.

How do I activate my digital membership card?

It’s simple – the same way as you activate your Labour Login, as above. Once you’ve received your membership number, go to and follow the instructions.

Why was my trade union not listed as an option when I joined?

Only trade unions that are affiliated to the Labour Party are listed on our website. If you would like us to make a note of your trade union on your membership record you can email us at with your membership number and the trade union that you are a member of and we’ll get this updated for you. However you won’t be able to apply for the Trade Union rate, as this is only for members of affiliated unions.

How do I take part in policy making?

There are a few ways. You can attend local meetings to discuss policy with fellow members, and you can access our online policy forum to find Labour’s policy consultations, share your thoughts with our Policy Commissions and discuss with members and supporters online.

I’m nervous about going to my first Labour Party event – any advice?

Take or make a friend! A great first step is to get in touch with your local contact (their info is on your membership card or you can find it in My Labour). They’ll be able to meet you there, buddy you up with someone or let you know if it’s an open event where can bring a friend along. Don’t be scared, everyone’s been new once so they know how you feel and will want to make sure you have a great time.

Got a question about your membership that we haven’t answered?

Our dedicated Membership Team in Newcastle are ready to help. Get in touch with them using the details below.

The Labour Membership Team:

Write to: The Labour Party, Labour Central, Kings Manor, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6PA


Call: 0345 092 2299

Working hours: 9-5 Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays

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