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My Membership

Make sure you have everything you need to make the most of your membership – from understanding what your rights are, to what roles you can stand for you in local party.

Update my details

Manage your membership, tell us if you move house and find your local contact’s details.

Renew my membership

Unless you pay by direct debit, you’ll need to renew your membership each year. You can do that here!

My local party

Find out who your local MP or candidate is, what local parties do and what roles people can hold in their parties

Your rights and responsibilities

Find out what your rights and responsibilities are and what welfare resources exist to support you.

Contact the party

You can call, email or write to the Membership Team to discuss your membership or discuss a general enquiry.

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"I’ve been branch chair for almost 3 years and I always look forward to chairing meetings. It’s incredibly rewarding”

Craig, Sunderland