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What can I do to help the Party?

What can I do to get involved with the party?

If you’re a new member raring to go then there are loads of ways to get involved, no matter your skills, interests or background. Here’s how.

Talk to people:

The Labour Party wins elections by listening to what people have to say, by talking to them about the issues that matter to them. So one of the most important things a Labour member can do is volunteer to knock on people’s doors and talk to them!

Every day teams of Labour volunteers are out sharing our position on important issues. This means that when it comes to elections, we know what really matters to people, and people know where Labour stand and why they should vote for us.

If you’re new to this sort of thing, don’t worry, you’ll always be teamed up with an experienced campaigner to show you the ropes. We’ve also put together some top tips and explainers about campaigning – but you can also just find an event and show up!

If you’re not able to make any of the sessions, or knocking on doors isn’t your thing, you can use Dialogue, our new online telephone canvassing tool that allows you to make short calls to voters over the phone from the comfort of your own home.

Support your local party

Attending meetings locally is a great way to keep up with local campaigns and issues, find out about events, and of course, meet friendly faces. Your local party is run by volunteers who’ll arrange everything from the next door-knocking session to the next social event. Let your local party team know what your skills are, and what you want to get involved with – you could be a massive help in future campaigns and in time even look to stand for an official role.

Get involved in Community Organising

Making sure Labour has a strong presence in the community is so important, working together to improve the lives of everyone and crucially putting labour values into action! Have a chat with your local party about how you can get involved with community organising in your area.

Shape policy

Our party was founded to represent the interests of the people – and that’s exactly what our democratic policy making process is about. The more people that take part in shaping our policies and manifestos, by sharing their opinions and perspectives, the better.

To get involved, head to the Labour Policy Forum – our online home of policy development and ideas. You can post comments and join discussions on all aspects of Party policy. These submissions are sent to the National Policy Forum for examination and discussion.

Anything else?

Recruit our next new member

Our big, diverse membership is our greatest strength. By joining you’ve added to that strength already, so why not ask a friend or family member to take the step to becoming a member too? You can send them the link to join or download a membership form.

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