Blackpool South by-election: Keir Starmer hails historic Labour victory

Blackpool South by-election: Keir Starmer hails historic Labour victory

Labour’s victory in the Blackpool South by-election shows the scale of appetite across the country to turn the page on 14 years of chaos and decline under the Conservatives, and voters’ desire for a general election.

In the only parliamentary election of the night – the only election where voters had the chance to directly reject Rishi Sunak’s weak leadership – the message was clear.

Labour’s Chris Webb was elected with the third highest swing from Conservative to Labour in a by-election in history: 26 per cent, more than double the swing needed for Labour to win a general election.

It is the sixth by-election Labour has won with a swing of more than 20 per cent this Parliament and our second swing of more than 25 per cent in this general election year.

The Tories cannot delay a general election and run away from the voters forever – but when Rishi Sunak is on the ballot, it’s obvious why they are running scared of the voters.

Hailing the result in Blackpool South, Keir Starmer said:

“This seismic win in Blackpool South is the most important result today. This is the one contest where voters had the chance to send a message to Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives directly, and that message is an overwhelming vote for change.

“The swing towards the Labour Party in Blackpool South is truly historic and shows that we are firmly back in the service of working people.

“I am so proud of the positive campaign we ran. To those who have put their trust in us in Blackpool, and those considering giving Labour their vote, we are ready to serve your interests.

“Our new Labour MP Chris Webb has shown that after years of neglect with the Tories, there is a better alternative. The message to Rishi Sunak is clear. It’s time for change, it’s time for a general election.”

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