How Labour will tackle serious violent crime and make our streets safer

Keir Starmer and Yvette Cooper with police officers

Everyone should be able to feel safe on our streets, in our town centres, and at home. 

And if something does go wrong we should be able to feel confident that the police and criminal justice system will be there for us.

But after 13 years of the Conservatives, too often that just doesn’t happen. 

We’ve seen knife crime go up, domestic abuse and rape just not being tackled, far fewer neighbourhood police on our streets, and our communities and fewer crimes being solved. 

That means more criminals getting off, more victims being let down, and confidence in policing has fallen. 

That’s why Labour has set out a mission on crime, to halve the level of serious violent crime within a decade. Our plan includes: 

  • Halving knife crime
  • Halving violence against women and girls
  • Restoring confidence in policing and the criminal justice system to its highest level
  • Getting neighbourhood policing back on the streets
  • Working with communities to prevent crime
  • Preventing young people getting drawn into crime in the first place

We will do this to ensure that people feel safe again.

Everyone should be able to live in freedom from fear. Security is the bedrock on which all of our other opportunities are built. That’s why we’re putting tackling crime right at the heart of Labour’s missions for a better Britain.

Labour’s Missions

Safe streets, stronger policing

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Keir Starmer and Yvette Cooper with police officers