JUST ANNOUNCED: Labour will build 1.5 million homes to save the dream of homeownership

Keir Starmer speaking at Labour Party conference

Keir Starmer has pledged to get Britain building again – starting with one and a half million new homes across the country within five years of a Labour government.

In his speech to Labour Party Conference, the Labour Leader said he would recapture the dream of homeownership with help for first time buyers and new infrastructure to support families and communities.

As part of Labour’s five missions for government, Starmer promised “shovels in the ground and cranes in the sky” to deliver “more beautiful cities [and] more prosperous towns”, demanding: “A future must be built.”

“That is the responsibility of a serious government. And if we continually wash our hands of this task – we all end up stuck in a rut. Just like now,” he said.

“So it’s time to get Britain building again. It’s time to build one and half million new homes across the country.

“Opportunities for first time buyers in every community. New development corporations with the power to remove the blockages. New infrastructure to support families and communities to grow. Roads, tunnels, power stations – built quicker and cheaper.” 

Labour’s plan to get Britain building again and save the dream of home ownership includes:

  • A housing recovery plan; a blitz of planning reform to quickly boost housebuilding to buy and rent and deliver the biggest boost to affordable housing in a generation, enhancing local voice on ‘how’ housing is built with communities confident plans will be delivered
  • The next generation of ‘new towns’; new communities with beautiful homes, green spaces, reliable transport links and bustling high streets
  • Unleashing Mayors; a package of devolution to Mayors, with stronger powers over planning and control over housing investment
  • Planning passport’ for urban brownfield development; with a fast track approval and delivery of high-density housing on urban brownfield sites
  • First dibs for first time buyers; supporting younger people the first chance at homes in new housing developments with a government-backed mortgage guarantee scheme.

Keir Starmer told Labour Party Conference: “It’s a future with more beautiful cities. More prosperous towns. New parks, new green spaces, new public services – all aligned with our plan. 

“And conference, sometimes the old Labour ideas are right for new times. So where there are good jobs. Where there is good infrastructure. Where there is good land for affordable homes. Then we will get shovels in the ground. Cranes in the sky. 

“And build the next generation of Labour new towns.  

“And no, this doesn’t mean we’re tearing up the green-belt. 

“Labour is the party that protects our green spaces. No party fights harder for our environment. We created the national parks. Created the green-belt in the first place.”

He added: “Getting Britain building again is critical for economic growth. Our most important mission. Because it’s also a means a way to soften that hard road. Deliver on national renewal. And escape the cost-of-living crisis permanently.  

“That’s why this Labour Party will fight the next election on economic growth. An economy that works for the whole country is what the British people want. 

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