Labour’s plan to power up Britain

Angela Rayner and Keir Starmer walking along a suburban street with hedgerow behind them

On Thursday 2 May, voters across the country will have their say in this year’s local elections.

On the ballot is the record of a Tory Government that has been in power for 14 years. With soaring mortgages, a record-high tax burden, a Prime Minister who can’t keep his party happy, the cost of constant Conservative chaos is hitting the country hard.

These elections put that into focus. Despite the Tories promising to ‘level up’ every region five years ago, no serious plan was ever pursued to address regional inequality and their economic incompetence threw Britain into a recession and a cost of living crisis, with working people forced to pick up the pieces.

In contrast to Rishi Sunak’s Government limping on, failing to address the problems the country faces and running scared of the British public by pushing back a general election, Labour has a plan to spread power across the country and kickstart economic growth.

Labour will deliver:

Growth in every corner of the country, so that every town, village and city has a role to play, and can reap the rewards of a decade of national renewal.

More money in people’s pockets, improving living standards everywhere and helping working people keep more of the wealth that they create.

And people taking back control of what matters to them in their lives and their communities: from decent access to public services and thriving high streets to the basic promise that their children’s opportunities will not be determined by where they grew up.

This is outlined in Power and Partnership: Labour’s Plan to Power Up Britain, a new campaign document for these elections. Along with the long-term missions Labour has already announced, it sets out how Britain can release untapped strengths in every country and region.

Power and Partnership

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Power and Partnership

Launching Power and Partnership: Labour’s Plan to Power Up Britain, Labour leader Keir Starmer said:

“As well as deploying the full power of government to deliver security for working people, we give power away and put communities in control. A new Take Back Control Act that sets a presumption towards devolution, and new powers for mayors over transport, skills, energy, and planning, so they can rejuvenate our high streets and generate growth for every town and city – a full fat approach to devolution.

“The argument is simple. Democratic decisions are better made by local people with skin in the game. And devolution is absolutely essential for taking on regional inequality and unlocking that pride.

“It wasn’t some central planner that built the old Round Oak Steel Factory. It wasn’t a big politician that made Stourbridge famous for glass production. No, that sort of pride is not in the gift of politicians. It’s built up over the decades by the people, the businesses, and the workers of a community.”

You can read more detail here.