Watch: Keir Starmer has changed the Labour Party

Watch: Keir Starmer has changed the Labour Party

The local elections on Thursday 2 May could be the first step towards the change that Britain desperately needs.

Fourteen years of Tory chaos is costing us all, with average families paying £870 more in personal and council taxes.

Keir Starmer has changed the Labour Party and put it back in the service of working people.

Voters are looking at the Labour Party again. Once again we are a party that puts economic stability at the forefront of everything we do with a renewed focus on secure borders and strong defence. Keir Starmer will always put our country’s interests first. 

Labour’s latest party election broadcast, the last before Thursday’s local elections, shows how former Conservative voters all over the country are putting their faith in Keir Starmer’s changed Labour Party to deliver where the Tories have failed.

Voters who have previously put their faith in the Conservative Party have been let down by the chaos, division and weakness that is letting Britain down. 

Only Labour is offering people the chance to turn the page on 14 years of failure.

But change will only come if people vote for it. Use your voice on Thursday 2 May to send Rishi Sunak and the Tories a message they can’t ignore.

The change we need starts now.